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Did a wonderful interview on Wednesday with Maggie Thomas, a television make-up designer who worked for ATV and then the BBC on such programmes as Poldark (1976), All Creatures Great and Small (1978), Boys from the Blackstuff (1982) and Sophia and Constance (1988) …read her book Dishing the Dirt available on Amazon and find out about the amazing creative work that is involved in bringing television drama to life. Women have worked in all areas of television production, behind as well as in front of the cameras and this work should be acknowledged; television design is an essential element of television production and should be more widely recognised as such.


This Friday, the project will be talking to Jenni Murray on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, from 10.00.

In the studio will also be a longstanding female television presenter, to join in the conversation about the important roles women have played in our national television history, as well as about the television that has been made specifically with them in mind.

Tune in from 10.00 this Friday…..